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Regular Expressions Round-up

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I'll use regular expressions.” Now they have two problems.

Jamie Zawinski on August 12, 1997 - more information on the origin of this quote can be found on Jeffrey Friedlís Blog.


Regular expressions or 'regex' as they are commonly called are a very powerful tool. I've given some presentations on this subject. This page is a short round-up of some advice and useful links for the attendees to refer back to.

Some things to keep in mind

More information

Below you'll find some lists of useful resources. The listings are in completely biased and arbitrary order, i.e. based on my personal preference and where I don't have one, in random order.

About regular expressions: Manuals and Tutorials

Example regular expressions

Beware: a lot of these are not very *good* examples

Regex Cheatsheets

Testing regular expressions

Important: When you choose your preferred testing tool, make sure it uses the regex engine implemented in the programming language(s) of your choice!

Visualizing regular expressions

Generating regular expressions

Security considerations

Other useful resources

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